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27 Jan 2022 / 17:30 - 18:15

Accelerating recovery and preparing for the AI-driven future in the consumer industry

The pandemic has exposed a fundamental truth in the consumer industry: the standard way of operating is not robust enough. Artificial intelligence (AI), however, could be the key to a reinvention. The advancement of AI has created opportunities to disrupt traditional ways of operating, coordinate and optimize activities across supply chains, and exert influence over demand for products.

What do we really mean by AI? AI is a suite of technologies and methodologies that use advanced algorithms to ‘learn’ from large amounts of data, imitating three behaviours that are traditionally associated only with human intelligence: interacting with other humans, completing routine tasks, and generating insights and predictions about future events.

This masterclass will outline:

  • Understanding customer demand
  • Predicting and shaping customer demand with AI
  • Optimizing supply chain performance
  • Improving operational efficiency
  • Building supply chain resiliency

Maximizing value depends on the organization being nimble enough to recognize, prioritize, and pursue new AI opportunities as they open—whether it’s to ride out a global crisis or thrive in an ever-evolving market economy.


Stefan Ivic,


Stefan is the head of Deloitte Canada's Data and AI (Omnia AI) practice for Consumer Industry, a group of more than 150 consultants bringing advanced data, analytics, and AI capabilities to clients in the retail, consumer packaged goods, transportation, and hospitality services sectors.

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