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25 Jan 2022 / 13:45 - 14:30

AI for Environment and Agriculture

Two of the greatest challenges humanity faces today are feeding the growing population of the Earth and protecting the environment.

Artificial intelligence plays an increasing role in environmental protection, allowing for more effective environmental modelling and management. For example, remotely sensed data can be used for machine learning to address a variety of tasks, including environmental monitoring and environmental risk assesment. To rise up to the two grand challenges, agriculture must effectively deal with conflicting demands: The increase of the Earth’s population calls for high yields of quality crops, while increasing environmental pressures on Earth’s ecosystems dictate sustainable agricultural production that burdens the environment as little as possible. Examples of how AI can help agriculture is the use of machine learning to build models for yield prediction as well as the use of decision modelling to asses the multiple functions of agricultural soil and to suggest measures for improving them. The class will review the use of AI for environment and agriculture through illustrative case studies.


Sašo Džeroski,


Sašo Džeroski is head of the Department of Knowledge Technologies at the Jozef Stefan Institute (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and a full professor at the Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate School.

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