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26 Jan 2022 / 18:15 - 19:00

AI in marketing/digital marketing in tourism/SMB sector

Customers all around the globe now more than ever are fully relying on information they happen find online, or information they are being advertised to.

It is now finally possible to use machine learning and AI to make sure every dollar spent on advertising, especially for small businesses. Also in tourism we know now how to put information about your offers in front of the prospective customers who most likely will spend their money for travel and accommodation. This masterclass explains in depth Do’s and Don’ts for advertising, to ensure highest effectiveness of ad campaigns, with few case studies as examples, where advertisers spent less than $100 a week to achieve fantastic sales results. If time permits, we will also take up questions from the audience with concrete examples of ad campaigns to be created through the AI tool (please send info about your product or service 48 hours before the workshop at - your website, industry, products or services description and questions).


Sasha Schriber,


Sasha Schriber is the CEO and founder of NANOS.AI, a machine learning startup based in Switzerland.

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