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27 Jan 2022 / 13:45 - 14:30

Artificial intelligence and sport: How to concile values and opportunities?

Through its requirement of Performance, the imperative of permanent measurement is consubstantial to sport.

Higher, stronger, faster. Without measurement and comparison, there is no sporting activity, let alone competition. However, who says measurement says data. And who says data today is de facto inviting Artificial Intelligence (AI). Fed with data, it provides projections, forecasts and scenarios in return. The application of AI in sport has thus become evident.

Beside its economic reality, sport is also a materialization of the fundamentals of a society (zeitgeist, social observatory, technical observatory, geopolitical witness). Sport has always been a formidable field of social and technical experimentation: a number of scientific discoveries, in medicine (regenerative medicine), in materials (carbon fiber, etc.) in electronics (on-board sensors, anti-lock brakes, etc.), have been tested first in the sports arena.

Regarding Artificial intelligence, sport can be a prophecy of the virtualization of our world. Sports wearables celebrate the rise of a new look at our body (Quantified self). Many countries, such as Russia with the Futurous Games in 2023, France with the Rugby World Cup in 2023 or the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024, are engaging in AI projects with universities and corporations. But AI also represents some threats to sport, its values and its current ecosystems: techno-doping, cheating…

In order to clarify these opportunities and threats, this workshop will address Sport and Artificial intelligence in a scientific way, like an experimental laboratory. We will enter the stadium of the future in order to identify the digital touch points, all these points of contact between the world of sport and that of data. Then, we will extrapolate to understand how data and developments in artificial intelligence impact industries and support their transformation.

The participants to this workshop will be provided the keys to analyze the current scenarios related to these innovation potentials and will be able to identify the risk and opportunities brought by AI in sport.


Philippe Blanchard,


With 30 years of expertise, Philippe Blanchard is a global expert in Technology and sport mega-events.

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