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25 Jan 2022 / 17:30 - 18:15

AI or Not AI: Is there a choice?

Innovation comes in waves that propagate throughout the ecosystem and transform businesses, reshape practices and rattle regulatory frameworks.

Initially a new technology appears to be a differentiator but in time, with a broader adoption, it turns into a requirement. Managing an innovation trend, like incorporation of AI into products, is a challenge with a daunting realization: “The trend is unstoppable. If we don’t take it up, our competitors will.”

While one may not have a choice of whether or not to play, one can still choose how to play. In this session we reflect on the nature of innovation and pre-requisites for taking it from R&D to business development. With AI, the process is complex, without established standards, and requires in-depth expertise to assess quality at specific stages. We reflect on the dilemma between early adoption to guarantee market share and risks of moving into uncharted territories that may lead to suboptimal performance, moral responsibility and possibly a liability.

26 Jan 2022 / 13:00 - 13:45

Working with a black box: Reproducibility and quality assurance in AI

Many AI systems are non-transparent or too complex to reason about and, from the operational perspective, de-facto black-boxes. Therefore, the producers and users of AI must work jointly to define quality standards for such systems and to develop best practices for their quality assessment and quality assurance.

In this session we discuss the importance of AI reproducibility in order to support comprehension, reasoning and reliable application of AI for specific purposes. We reflect on the past technology trends and effects of fast technology obsolescence to motivate actions towards reliable and long-term reproducibility of AI results. With increased use of SaaS models to incorporate AI technologies into solutions, it is particularly important to support verification and validation of AI beyond the market-lifetime of the SaaS platforms.


Natasa Milic-Frayling,

Intact Digital

Dr Natasa Milic-Frayling is a Founder and CEO of Intact Digital Ltd, a company that provides a platform and services for hosting legacy software installations to enable long-term readability and use digital data.

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