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26 Jan 2022 / 18:15 - 19:00


Managing a business during uncertainty in this fast-paced and unpredictable world demands not only a shift in our mindset but also the development of intelligence to keep, engage and inspire talent and to mitigate human-capital risks.

While many organizations already use AI-based solutions for manufacturing, logistics, etc., as well as state-of-the-art business intelligence tools for understanding their financials, customers and competitors, their employees remain the least understood and the least leveraged asset. Why? Each person is a multidimensional being, so to illustrate with the statement of the management guru Peter F. Drucker: “You cannot hire a hand, a whole man always comes with it.” The gap was addressed by traditional methods of analyzing “the voice of employees” that provides only surface insights and fractural results. These methods are neither timely nor holistic enough or immediately actionable. In addition, the cost for assessments, surveys, pulses, aside from the valuable time spent by employees, is not marginal, while the measured focus might be irrelevant or unnecessary for a specific organization or time, hence critical signals might remain uncovered. Quantum has overcome many of these challenges and uses “collective intelligence” with a one-only employees survey, a proven solution for respondent fatigue, dishonesty, or fractured results across multiple surveys, with a short manager’s assessment and a specially developed algorithm for people analytics. It uncovers the most comprehensive list of employee-related indicators (300+), provides a visualized grand synthesis of key risks and trends in the manager’s dashboard, and integrates personal well-being and mental health into core corporate metrics. Consequently, it enables managers to address frustrations and to discover blind spots in people management, employee experience, well-being, and workplace culture quickly and effectively. A big shift in people management is still ahead of us, managers are looking forward to instant advice on detected alerts, for systematic approach and predictability. Such solution requires a “two-way street” approach; one for employees defining how well the company delivers on the things that they want, tracked by holistic diagnostic tools such as Quintaum mentioned above, and the other by AI-based tracking of multiple internal factors, such as the productivity, performance, innovation of teams and organizations, aside from many external factors that also have an impact on private and professional life.


Andreja Kodrin,


Dr. Andreja Kodrin is the founder and CEO of Third Millennium Knowledge and Quintaum - People analytics company. She is an international expert in investments, strategic and resilience management with almost three decades of expertise.

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