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CONNECTAI TALK: Why artificial intelligence is a game-changer for renewable energy?

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more important in the energy industry and has great potential for the future design of the energy system. Typical areas of application are electricity trading, smart grids, or the sector coupling of electricity, heat, and transport. Prerequisites for increased use of AI in the energy system are the digitalization of the energy sector and a correspondingly large set of data that is valuable. AI helps make the energy industry more efficient and secure by analyzing and evaluating the data volumes.

To address the matter, Center of Business Excellence of the School of Economics and Business at the University of Ljubljana (CBE SEB LU) invited renewed experts from the energy sector to their latest “ConnectAI Talk” event, streamed live on November 3rd, 2021.

The speakers Aidan O’Sullivan (UCL Energy Institute), Adrian Kelly (EPRI Europe), and Amer Karabegovič (Danfoss) shared their insights of the current situation and what the future is bringing with implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning into the energy sector.s?

In this hour-long talk moderated by Prof. Dr. Carsten Bartsch, they were discussing the following:

  • unique challenges that renewable energy integration poses to electricity grids,
  • real-time grid data quality,
  • potential issuesAI/ML models,
  • active utilization of AI/ML as part of solution toolkits,
  • the future development of AI/ML in order to provide actionable decision support for operators,
  • energy sector & AI vs climate change,
  • the potential of AI for the sectors that are considered hard to decarbonize,
  • latest examples of AI helping to reduce emissions in the energy system,
  • the need for future research to accelerate the applications of AI in the energy system,
  • AI in district heating,
  • AI helping to reduce emissions.
  • digital maturity and deployment of AI and advanced technologies,
  • AI and sectoral integration,
  • the change of the existing paradigms,
  • end more!
Watch a recording of the event and learn from the people who are leading the way to better and more efficient use of energy with the help of advanced technology: