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CONNECTAI TALK: Reshaping marketing with AI. What is your next step?

As the business world is changing rapidly, marketing needs to be able to accept and adapt to new technology trends. Therefore, in our fourth interactive online webinar ConnectAI Talk,* marketing experts were discussing benefits, existing limitations, and future potentials of artificial intelligence in the area of marketing.

Sasha Schriber (NANOS.AI) opened the discussion with an insight from the market. According to her, many people are still reluctant to use AI in their companies, since they are doubting its beneficiality. Luis Madureira (ÜBERBRAND) was quick to point out many benefits of AI, such as process optimisation and opportunity for test runs, which enable faster decision-making and can therefore help companies save time and create competitive advantages. Nemanja Živkovič (Funky Marketing) further described how the collaboration between people and AI may create synergies even in creative environments, since the addition of AI to small teams can boost efficiency and creativity.

In a lively discussion moderated by Prof. Dr. Carsten Bartsch, the marketing experts did not hesitate to challenge many myths about AI in marketing. Despite the acknowledged limitations they agree AI is more than beneficial and since it is rapidly becoming more and more available, marketers should not hesitate to jump in and put their companies ahead of competition.

See the recording of the webinar below.