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CONNECTAI TALK: Is AI in mobility all hype?

The challenges of rapid urbanization around the world and environmental issues are calling for new solutions in the area of mobility. Therefore, in our fifth interactive online webinar ConnectAI Talk* we were discussing how mobility is being reshaped with the availability of new technologies, especially AI.

Aleš Lampret (Kuehne + Nagel) started the discussion by listing the problems distribution centres are facing due to uncertainties. He also highlighted the benefits of new technologies, such as process optimisation and predictions. Luka Bradeško (Solvesall and Institut “Jožef Stefan”), who is familiar with theoretical and practical approach to AI, emphasized that the learnings obtained in scientific research are important for successful implementation of the AI. Finally, Robert Štaba (Zavod Varna pot) called attention to the safety aspect in traffic, which could be drastically improved with a range of AI solutions.

In a discussion moderated by Prof. Dr. Carsten Bartsch, the experts from the field of mobility presented challenges they are facing. They pointed out many may be overcomed with the access to up-to-date information from mobility and traffic, that would help one make better on-spot decisions. To be able to fully exploit the new opportunities AI is enabling and enjoy its benefits, they called for policies for better data management and solutions in data safety. Then, mobility will be able to ensure smooth operation of logistic chains and safer transportation.

Watch the recording and learn more: