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CONNECTAI TALK: Beyond the technologies of AI

In our first ConnectAI Talk the world’s recognised speakers presented the best practices of using AI in businesses and provided an overview of international policies being developed to regulate the development and use of AI and the power that AI can bring to support strategic and more informed business decision making.

John Davies (BT‘s Future Business Technology Research Practice) started with a brief overview of computer history, continued with a presentation of the 3 key technology trends: AI, IoT and 5g networking, and illustrated the benefits of AI through case examples. Marko Grobelnik (Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) presented the topic from the quantum computing standpoint. He was arguing that “belief manipulation and other aspects of cyber security need to be addressed” since the development of quantum computing will have an immediate impact on cyber security. Katia Walsh (Levi Strauss & Co) emphasized the importance of mentorship and initiatives for women in technology and women’s leadership. She went on to express her belief in the human-centric approach to AI by stating her mission is making sure that “at the end of the day we do this to aid humans, human society, human businesses, human needs and address what we have as a vision for our human world.”

In the discussion moderated by artificial intelligence expert Mark Minevich, our speakers, who are daily involved in strategic AI activities, provided deep insight into the current status of AI in business, including the benefits and challenges of applications of new technologies. Among other, they emphasised machine learning and artificial intelligence are now used to drive desired results rather than to only provide insights. The speakers also took into account the diversity of today’s workplaces and didn’t forget about the ethics and responsibility.

To learn more about the fascinating world of AI and join us on this journey, see the recording of the webinar: