25 Jan 2022 / 17:30 - 18:15

AI in smart cities: Powering data-rich future industry

In this talk, I will review recent technological advances in Artificial Intelligence and in related areas including IoT and 5G with a focus on the centrality of data.

Data is an essential resource that powers the information economy in much the way that oil fueled the industrial economy and is key in AI applications. Drawing on use cases in sectors such as Smart Cities and Industry 4.0, I will exemplify some of the business benefits that AI technology is delivering, concluding with a look at future prospects for further application of AI in industry.

John Davies,
British Telecom

Professor John Davies is a Senior Research Manager at the British Telecom's Applied Research department, where he leads a team focused on the Internet of Things, Edge Computing, and Data Analytics as well as related technologies and applications.

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He is a visiting professor at the Open University and the University of Hull, UK. His current research interests include the application of the Internet of Things and Edge Computing to smart cities, smart energy grids, business intelligence, and agritech. Davies is a frequent speaker at academic and industry conferences and has authored over 100 scientific publications. He is also a Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Chartered Engineer.

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