26 Jan 2022 / 13:45 - 14:30

AI opportunities in the airline industry - cases & examples

In this masterclass, Iztok Franko from Diggintravel.com and Ido Biger from EL AL Israel Airlines will talk about how the pandemic has driven the industry towards automation and what is a data-driven airline.

They will talk about: Learnings from EL AL journey of implementing a data-driven organization, data-literacy and moving from reactive to proactive analytics, AI and predictive analytics - How have the advancements in the cloud helped us work in a more real-time environment and what are the next big wins?, How to start -- quick-win scenarios

Iztok Franko,
Chief Data Officer of ELAL Airlines

Iztok Franko is passionate about data, digital marketing, and e-commerce. He has more than 10 years of experience as a CMO and CIO in travel and multinational companies.

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He works as a strategic digital marketing and e-commerce consultant for global online travel brands. Iztok helps airlines with practical eCommerce, digital analytics, and conversion optimization workshops. When he is not running workshops he conducts deep dives into your analytics data to help you understand your users, identify conversion bottle-necks and increase sales. He is a founder of Diggintravel.com, Diggintravel Podcast, and Diggintravel Digital Academy - the best resource for airline and other travel marketing professionals.

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